Monthly Archives: January 2011

CRM 2011 Online RTW available

Microsoft has released CRM 2011 Online RTW (17 Jan 2011) and you can find the press release here.

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial at

CRM 2011 RTM On-Premise has also been announced for release on the 28th of February 2011.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 RC Updates Available

There are a number of critical updates available for the CRM 2011 RC Server, Email Router and Outlook Client and if you haven’t accepted to have these downloaded automatically via Windows Update then you can download them from here manually. The KB Article can be found here.

Default Customer Lookup to Contact in CRM 2011

There has been a slight change in the way you default the Customer Lookup field to Contact in CRM 2011 compared with CRM 4.

Use the following code to set the Customer Lookup to Contact instead of Account and set the default view.

document.getElementById("customerid").setAttribute("defaulttype", "2");

The first line sets the default entity type to Contact for the Customer Lookup dialog.

The second line sets the Customer Lookup dialog’s view to the ‘Contacts Lookup View’ using its guid value. If you do not use this line of code it will default to the ‘My Active Contacts View’ or whatever you have selected as the default Contact view.