Top 11 Reasons To Go Mobile With CRM 2011

CRM 2011 ships with Mobile Express, an html 4.0 compliant browser application that provides remote access to your CRM system. Mobile Express came with Rollup 5 in CRM 4 but Microsoft has enhanced the product and provided it right from the get go with CRM 2011.

You can access Mobile Express by simply appending /m to your CRM Server Url.

On Premise

CRM Online
https://<Organisation>    (North America)
https://<Organisation> (EMEA)
https://<Organisation> (APAC)

So you might be thinking what will Mobile Express do for me, well here are 11 reasons to go mobile with CRM 2011.

1. Access your data from anywhere

 On the way to a client site , in a meeting, at the airport or at home, your data is waiting to be accessed.

2. Access your data from any web capable device

Web capable devices are becoming more common every day. The most common device is the mobile phone though there is an increasing number of other such mobile devices that are just waiting to be connected to Microsoft CRM.

3. Easily configurable within the CRM UI

 Enable the entities you want, select the available fields, then publish. It’s really as easy as that. You can even take advantage of Role based forms.

4. Everybody has a mobile device

 Do you know anyone who does not have a mobile device.

5. Real-time access to CRM data

 Need up-to-date stock levels, case information, an account’s status or even address data, its live data and you want it now.

6. No installation on mobile device required

 No need to install special software, no maintenance per device, just a simple Url, bookmark the Url in your mobile device browser and you’re always ready to go.

7. View, Update and Create CRM data on the move

 You may need to check pricing, create an appointment, update an account, close a case, and the list goes on. Why wait until you get back to the office, are you even going to go back to the office?

8. Get the competitive advantage

 Are your competitors using a CRM Mobile application? They aren’t waiting around to see if you are, so get it first.

9. Talk to your customer and access CRM data at the same time.

While on your phone or in a meeting, you could be giving your customer info they want right there and then, forget about “I’ll have to get back to you later” statements.

10. Increased Productivity

Having CRM data at your finger tips allows you to create that new appointment or update that case without even  opening your laptop or turning on your PC, now you can go get that coffee and donut.

11. It’s FREE

What is there more to say, CRM Mobile Express is free with Microsoft CRM and its waiting for you to connect, check it out and get that competitive advantage now.

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Latest Microsoft CRM 4 Rollup 16

Update Rollup 16 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is available.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Rollup 16 is here (9th Mar 2011) and information about the Rollup is here.

Features of Update Rollup 16
• IE 9 support
• Performance improvements for Organization Import
• CRM Client synchronization fixes

CRM 2011 OData Query Designer

This project is superceded by the new application Dynamics XRM Tools which includes improved features


I’ve developed the CRM 2011 OData Query Designer as a Silverlight 4 application that is packaged as a Managed CRM 2011 Solution. This tool allows you to build OData queries by selecting filter criteria, select attributes and order by attributes. The tool also allows you to Execute the query and view the ATOM and JSON data returned.  Once the managed solution is imported into CRM 2011 it is accessible from the Settings area under Customizations .

You can download the CRM 2011 OData Query Designer  from codeplex.


Latest Update 8th March 2011
1. Added dropdown list of available OptionSet values for a filter when of type OptionSet, Boolean, Status and State.
2. Attribute lists now show the UserLocalizedLabel Display Name instead of Schema Name.
3. Resolved issues with some attribute types not generating correctly when used in a filter.

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