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8 thoughts on “ODataQueryDesignerJSON Tab

  1. Mike Kolling


    Sorry if I am being a bit thick, but could I use this to fill an iframe with data derived from the javascript generated in the JSON result?

    The scenario i have is :-

    Contacts is child of Accounts and I have a custom entity “downloads” as child of Contacts.

    So I can add Downloads against the Contact.

    How can I show all the downloads from all the contacts against the account?

    Can this tool help me do this?


    1. Rhett Clinton Post author

      You could definitely use the OData query generated using this tool to retrieve the results using JavaScript on the onload event of the Account entity, though you would then have to present the results in a grid or similar to the user. You could do this a number of ways though here is one example of jQuery Templates that might help.

      Using FetchXml in an IFrame was a big CRM 4 “thing” like this but was unsupported and I cannot verufy that it works in 2011. If it does work then this would probably meets your needs better as you would get a nice CRM Grid.

  2. Mike Kolling



    javascript:void( new function(){ prompt(“Fetch Parameters:”,getFetchParams());function getFetchParams(){ return “FetchXml:\n” + advFind.FetchXml + “\n\n” + “LayoutXml:\n” + advFind.LayoutXml + “\n\n” + “EntityName:\n” + advFind.EntityName + “\n\n” + “DefaultAdvancedFindViewId:\n” + advFind.DefaultAdvancedFindViewId } } )

    line does not work, it complains that it does not know what “advFind” is – I guess object names have changed.


    1. Rhett Clinton Post author

      Use contentIFrame prefixed like so

      javascript:void( new function(){ prompt("Fetch Parameters:",getFetchParams());function getFetchParams(){ return "FetchXml:\n" + contentIFrame.advFind.FetchXml + "\n\n" + "LayoutXml:\n" + contentIFrame.advFind.LayoutXml + "\n\n" + "EntityName:\n" + contentIFrame.advFind.EntityName + "\n\n" + "DefaultAdvancedFindViewId:\n" + contentIFrame.advFind.DefaultAdvancedFindViewId } } )


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