Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 VM now available

So this is what everyone has been waiting for, a ready made CRM 2011 VM. This is available on PartnerSource and its an approx. 13Gb download.

You have the option of downloading a second VM that has exchange so the VM builders look to have put some thought into providing some performance with regards this virtual machine setup.

There is more info on PartnerSource so if you have access, happy downloading…

For interest I have included the setup steps here for reference from page 5 of the CRM 2011 VM Overview document.

This Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 VM must be run on a 64bit server with Hyper-V. 

1.       Download the compressed files

2.       Double click the .exe file to begin the decompression, specify the desired output location

Virtual Machine Approximate Size RAM Allocated
CRM2011 36 GB 4096 MB
CRM2011-Exchange 10 GB 2048 MB

3.       Open Hyper-V Manager

4.       In the Actions pane (on the right), click Virtual Network Manager

  • o    Click New virtual network, select Private, click Add (Name: CRM2011, Connection type: Private virtual machine network), click OK

Optional: For Internet access from the VM a second virtual network (Connection type: External) is required.  Repeat step 4 but select External (Name: CRM2011-External, Connection type: External).  If you have an existing virtual network you can assign it to the VM after import.

5.       Click Import Virtual Machine…Browse to the folder CRM2011 in the output location specified in step 2.

  • o    Import Settings: Move or restore the virtual machine…
  • o    Note: Import will complete with some warnings if you used your existing virtual network, click OK

Optional: To send E-mails between users on the Virtual Machine, repeat steps 4 & 5 to import the CRM2011-Exchange VM.

6.       Within the Virtual Machines window of the Hyper-V Manager, click on CRM2011

7.       In the Actions pane (on the right), under CRM2011 (at the bottom), click Settings

8.       Under Hardware, click on Network Adapter.

9.       Select the Network: Local Area Connection – Virtual Network, click OK

10.    In the Actions pane (on the right), under CRM2011 (at the bottom), click Start

Optional: To send E-mails between users on the Virtual Machine, repeat steps 6 – 10 to configure the CRM2011-Exchange VM.

11.    Within the Virtual Machines window of the Hyper-V Manager, double click on CRM2011 to connect to the VM

12.    Once the VM loads, click on the  icon (representing CTRL+ALT+DEL) to login.

13.    Initially login using the administrator credentials.

14.    A popup will appear stating You must restart your computer to apply these changes, Click Restart Now


14 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 VM now available

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  2. Philippe B

    great ressource. Unfortunately this VM is not suited for testing sessions on a “regular” laptop (with my Dell Latitude E6410 with 8GB RAM and an 2nd gen i5 processor, my laptop is on the edge of bursting every time I try to use it).

    Is there any other alternatives?

    1. Rhett Clinton MVP Post author

      Which VM software are you using. You have the option of Virtual Box or VMWare Reader/Workstation, unless you have win 2008 on your laptop and you can use HyperV.

      You can try turning off any unwanted services once it starts up and this might solve your performance issues. There are a number of performance improvements you could try around general usage of virtual machines such as running the vhd on a portable drive and not your laptop harddrive.


  3. Lisa

    I’m curious to find out if anybody has gotten the Exchange to work so that you can send emails to the different users. I haven’t been able to get it to work (I’ve got Windows 2008 R2 and Hyper-V) on a 64bit machine…


    1. Rhett Clinton MVP

      Hi Lisa, I haven’t played with the 2nd VM but I have updated the blog post with the setup details as described in the CRM 2011 VM Overview document from Partnersource which can be downloaded with the VM.


      1. Dipin Bawa

        Hi, Any thoughts on how to get the exchange VM working? I have tried it multiple ways and it doesn’t ever want to launch.

  4. Dhaval


    I am trying to download above part 1 & 2 installer but It show me unauthorized access for download.

    Do I need to setup partnership with Microsoft??

    Please Guide me…1!!

  5. irfan

    1.My pc :windows 7 enterprise 64 bit
    2.Downloaded both files VM
    3.downloaded VMware vCenter converter stanalone client and followed below link to covert .
    4.Nxt,downloaded VMware workstation and open those two VM in it .
    5. In CRM2011 VM ,How can i get in the internet working?
    6. When played CRM2011-Xchange VM ,after entering credential ,i get just blue screen and nothing..

    Any pointers in to…so i can start using it and later can get the VMware workstation licence which is bit chepear ….


  6. Ian Luxton - CRM

    Hi all. Couple of points;

    I have used VmWare and VirtualBox and both run the servers fine.

    To Dipin Bawa – I left the image alone and it eventually sorted itself out. The first time it started it took AGES to finally login. After that it is a bit quicker but as it is Exchange it still takes a while to boot and login. Don’t start this VPC at the last minute on a demo!

    The network hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) has a hard coded entry for a private network. 192.168.1.x from what I recall(?). If your virtual LAN is different you won’t get Internet AND some of the portals and SharePoint etc do not work on the VPC. Remove or comment out that and DNS should work ok.

    I have run the servers together on my HP ProBook with 8 Gig RAM and it is ok. I make sure that no other software is running. I upgraded RAM on my laptop and made the CRM image have 6Gig RAM and it runs very well.

    Lastly, it seems that Partner Source has either removed the VPC or hidden the links even deeper as I can’t source the download files any more. Shame as this is an invaluable tool for partners. Maybe I am missing something :-).



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