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CRM 2011 SDK version 5.0.7 available

The MS CRM Team have released an updated CRM 2011 SDK version 5.0.7 which can be downloaded here or viewed on MSDN here

There are a number of things in this release that relate to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM UR5 and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November Service Release

There is loads to read and discover.



Dynamics CRM 2011 Rollup 5 now available

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sustained Engineering (SE) team have been hard at work to get the UR5 release to us all so please take a look at the CRM Team blog for further details.

Rollup 5 Build Number: 5.0.9688.1533


You cannot remove Update Rollup 5.
Specific database updates are applied in Update Rollup5 that will not let you uninstall Update Rollup 5. You should back up your databases before you install this update.

Dynamics CRM Q4 Service Update

Update Rollup 5 also contains the Dynamics CRM Q4 Service Update features. For more information about the Dynamics CRM Q4 Service Update features, visit the following Microsoft website:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: the road ahead

  • Improvements to Dialogs (i.e. Lookup and Date fields included)
  • User Access Auditing
  • Multi series charts
  • Dynamic Links in Emails and Dialogs

New Solutions on MarketPlace that require UR5 

Activity Feeds

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds provide real time notifications and quick sharing of information that the team cares about via quick and short updates. Activity Feeds enable a user to follow and listen in on important activities that take place around the people, accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities or anything else that they care about.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile is a Windows Phone 7.5 app which brings Activity Feeds to your mobile device.