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Embed Bing Maps in an IFRAME

A fellow colleague here at Infusion, Ricky Brundritt MVP, has just pointed me in the direction of a cool Bing Services msdn article regarding how to embed Bing Maps in an IFRAME. This however requires no custom html or aspx page, you can just use a fairly simple url and additionally pass a selection of query parameters to gain some great functionality like push pins, etc…

Another great thing about this is that you do not see any Bing Maps chrome/borders/adverts, it is just the Map and associated controls. Have a look at this example which will load into a new browser window.

Take a look and enjoy.


2010 King of Bing Maps Winner – Ricky Brundritt MVP – Infusion

Fellow Infusionite Ricky Brunditt MVP was awarded the 2010 King of Bing title after winning the Grand Prize for the best Map App in Microsoft’s latest Bing Maps competition. See more here on Ricky’s winning app, Taxi Fare Calculator. Not content with only coming first, Ricky also picked up 3rd place with Ricky’s Data Viewer.